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lambWhole Lamb

Price: £130.00

At a glance

Brand: Midshires Farms
Product: Lamb
Size: Whole

Buy a complete lamb.

As with our half lamb box we can cut according to your requirements, and with the full lamb you have even more scope to try a variety of cuts. Why don't you let us make some of our fabulous Lamb & Mint Burgers from some of your lamb?

lamb-detailA typical full lamb box will consist of

- 2 Whole Leg Joints or 4 Half Legs. This can be boned and rolled if required.

- 2 Lamb Shanks

- 2 Whole Shoulder Joints, either with bones in or boned and rolled.

- 2 Racks of Lamb

- A number of Loin & Chump Chops

- Lamb Steaks

- 2 Boned and Rolled Belly of Lamb

- Kidneys & Liver (if available)

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Half Lamb

Price: £65.00

A variety of fantastic quality cuts. A typical box made up of cuts as below but can be altered according to your tastes e.g. diced lamb or lamb steaks can be taken from some cuts.

- 1 Whole Leg or 2 Half Leg Joints

- 1 Lamb Shank

- 1 Whole Shoulder, either with bone or boned and rolled

- 1 Rack of Lamb

- Lamb Chops (approx 12)

- 1 Breast of Lamb - Boned and rolled.

- Neck of Lamb

- Kidney & Liver (if available)

Call 07972 219118 to order